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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Grad School - the sitcom of my life.


The Flux Capacitor, aka "me, the hero." The hero of our show. Watch as he goes through the trials and tribulations of homework assignments, quizzes, case write-ups and group meetings.

BG, aka "the puker." Always loves a good game of quarters, but needs to watch out before it gets too dangerous for him. Thinks everything is "decent."

JC, aka "the ride, bride-to-be #1." Battles with condo builders, ex-roommates, co-workers.

SB, aka "the young one, bride-to-be #2." A secretive Yankee fan.

SM, aka "the brains." Helps groups not in his class with projects. Always smiling.

L, aka "the stamp, the newbie." Newcomer to the show. Known to show up in class still drunk, especially on a Saturday morning, with hand stamp still intact.

Professors W and G, aka "the professors." The villians of the show.

Guest starring:

Melissa, aka "the wife." Behind every good man is a great woman. Misses "the hero" when he's out on a school adventure, but doesn't get mad when he arrives home at 2 in the morning.

J and C, aka "the friends, the sober ones." Keeps things fun with a mean game of Uno.

Chillier and Prof. K, aka "the friends, the non-sober ones." Knows when a conversation needs the word "penis" in it, which is all of the time.

Red, aka "killer bunny, Bizzle." Leads "the hero" and "the wife" to weird underground gaming parties. Creator of the "Death Cone" horror movie series.

Watch all of the adventures from week to week as the semester unfolds. The tears, the laugher, the shocking revelations. Wednesday nights, from 5:20 to 9:25.


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