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Friday, January 07, 2005


Here's a couple of things that I am completely obsessed with these days:

The Family Guy (freakin' sweet!)
Napoleon Dynamite (sweet!)
Back to the Future (well, it's a lifelong obsession now)
The new Green Day, U2 and Jimmy Eat World CDs
eBay, looking for Old Timer's Day tickets for me and my dad

If you haven't seen Napoleon yet, go see it!! And make sure you don't miss "the wedding of the century" which appears after the credits.

It's Friday! A good thing! Melissa and I might go see "White Noise" this weekend. Melissa's obsessed these days with that electronic voice phenomena stuff. It is a little creepy and interesting. We actually think that my old friend Ralph is in our China cabinet since it randomly turns on and off sometimes. One time I was watching wrestling and Ralph's favorite wrestler, Ric Flair, came on, and the light went on. That's when I really felt it could be him.


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