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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Last Hurrah In Boston

Today I went into Boston for the last time in awhile - to do some shopping and to meet up with my recruiter for lunch. While I was out, I wrote bits and pieces of a blog entry, and here it is...

- Took my old commute, commuter rail to North Station (I left early so that I could get a parking space by the train). I don't have a train pass anymore, so I had to buy a round trip ticket for the commuter rail, and ended up walking around instead of taking the subway. I found a Bruegger's Bagels (they have a yummy rosemary & olive oil bagel).

- Walked to Downtown Crossing. Was going to buy some new clothes for work, but nothing was open yet - Macy's opens at 10, and it was 9. So I kept walking, mostly to get lost and find my way back.

- Almost ended up at South Station, but turned down some random blocks. Ended up at the aquarium, walked into the park by the waterfront, and sat on a bench right by the water, looking out at all of the boats. It was a perfect day to be sitting out there - sunny, slight breeze. Blasting the new Metallica & Anberlin albums on my iPod (neither have been released yet). The new Metallica sounds really good. Better than St. Anger, and better than Load and Re-load, closer to Justice sounding. Long songs, good solos, songs flow pretty well, even the complex ones.

- Just thought of people working right at this moment (9:55 AM). I feel bad for Melissa, but at my old jobs... haha. :) But next week I will be working. Oh, and I took my drug test yesterday, and the company will do the background check today.

- Ended up walking back to Macy's - got two pairs of pants and a weekend polo shirt. Walked back to Quincy Market, walked around, and waited for noon - meeting with Jill the recruiter for lunch at Houston's.

- Lunch went well. Jill got the salmon, I got a Thai steak and noodle salad. I told her the whole story about what happened at my previous six year job and what I heard about what is going on there now (it's still funny to think of how that is going!)

- After lunch, went to the Gp and got two dress shirts and a belt. Very exciting.

- Walked back to North Station, via Haymarket.

- Waiting for the 2:20 Reading train.

- On the train. Bye bye Boston, for now. I will be back, eventually - my friend got tickets to see Metallica at the Garden in January. Awesome, and again, I do really like the new album.


  • At 11:16 AM, Blogger Bray said…

    I LOVE THE NEW ALBUM!! And yes, i have tickets to see them in January at the Joe (Louis Arena for the uninitiated). Been listening to nothing but the new album.....God bless Rick Rubin!!!!


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