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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Commute from hell.

I cannot catch a break this week. After Tuesday's insanity trying to get to work, I had to deal with delays on the commuter rail going home yesterday. In all, it took me THREE HOURS to get home last night after work. From what I heard, some stupid 17-year old kid drove on the tracks, maybe or maybe not being chased by the cops, and his car got stuck on the tracks. So when I got to the station at 5:45, the 5:52 train was delayed until around 6:30, and when they finally made the announcement, they said that it will go express and skip right past my stop. The next train on the board was 6:15. That too was delayed. I waited and waited, and almost decided to take my chances on the subway and bus, but they finally made an announcement that the train was arriving. This was at 7:30. The train finally arrived, and left at 7:50. I didn't walk in the door at home until 8:30. All because of one stupid kid.

I think the last time my commute was this long was when I was working in NY - one morning the tracks in the subway flooded, and all lines were delayed. I remember standing on a crowded train, inching along, not knowing when I would be able to make it to my other train, which was also delayed. I think that commute took me about three hours as well, maybe a little bit less.

In NY, though, my commute usually sucked. There were always delays - congestion ahead, sick passenger, malfunction. Going from South Brooklyn to midtown Manhattan would take a little over an hour each way, sometimes more if there were bad delays.

After we moved to Massachusetts, and I was working in Harvard Square, my commute kicked ass. It was only one stop on the T, and on a nice day I could walk home. That all changed once my company moved to Boston. But when we moved to Watertown, my commute was fairly easy, taking the express bus from the square to Copley. Mostly reliable, and I could usually get a seat on the bus.

My commute now is much different than it has ever been. Now I actually have to drive to the train, which actually isn't all that bad. I think doing this drive every day has really boosted my confidence in my driving, so much to the point where I had no problems driving to work the other day, despite being stuck in traffic and having to drive through Cambridge/Boston.

Anyways, I hope my commute is normal tonight. I want to get home in time to make some marinated chicken and spaghetti.


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