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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Rush hour sucks.

So first off, I didn't win the costume contest yesterday. I was definitely screwed - the winner was someone who dressed as Madonna with a baby. Damn celebrity current events.

Also, we are having our driveway repaved and widened - I know, exciting. They started yesterday and are going to finish up today. However, when I got home last night, they paved it not the way that we had previously agreed upon. So when they came out this morning, we had the discussions and came to a compromise. They will finish the job today, and it should be ok the way they end up doing it.

Anyways, I left about five minutes later than I usually do, but still with enough time to get to the commuter rail station and catch my regular train. Except when I got there, the parking lot was completely full. Nowhere to park! So my only option then was to drive to work.

Now to get to my work, you have to take both major highways in the area. So I take Route 95 to 93, and once you get on 93, it turns into a parking lot. And this happens on a regular basis.

So I was stuck in the "parking lot" today. Took me almost two hours to get to work. Sucked big time.

Hopefully it won't be as bad going home...


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