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Saturday, June 02, 2007

What have I been doing?

The days are flying by, and it seems like I either have no time to do anything or I am too worn out to do what I need to.

To understand what I mean, here is what a normal week looks like for me now:

Every day during the week, I wake up at 5:15, do my morning rituals, drop Olivia off at the grandparents. I get to the commuter rail station at 7:30, get on the 7:44 train, transfer to the T, two stops, and walk ten minutes to work.

My workday lately has consisted a lot of helping out my new supervisor (which happened after my boss went on maternity leave) - helping him out with accounts payable and accounts receivable stuff, and with ledger stuff that he normally works on. My day also consists of getting a million e-mails from the NY office bitching to me to get our invoices done (which I am always waiting on account people to get them done).

Somehow, everytime I even have a free minute to think for myself, it is 4 PM. I have already done a lot of work during the day, but there is always more. And I also try to find time to finish some stupid tasks that they threw my way - random timesheet audit checks, managing the phone system.

I try to get out of work at 5:20 - then I can rush back to the T to catch the 5:52 train. If I miss that one, the next one is at 6:15. And if work is so crazy that I even have to miss that one (which happened once before), the next one is at 7:10. If I am lucky to get that 5:52, I can get home by 6:45. Play with Olivia for a little while, change her, feed her bottle at 7:15ish, and in bed by 7:45. If I have any energy by then, we can cook dinner, otherwise we try to make random, quick things. If there is anything good on TV, or maybe a game, we can stay up awhile, otherwise we can be in bed as early as 9:30 (which we did one night this past week).

That all gets repeated four days a week. On Fridays, we try to stay up a little later (and Melissa is worn out from spending all day with Olivia).

Saturdays lately have been yard work day. The grass is growing like crazy, so I have to be out there mowing. But these past weekends have consisted of mowing, mulching, chopping out some grass to make some spots for solar lights. And of course, a million trips to Home Depot. I try to keep Sundays to relax, but there always seems like something needs to be done. Oh yeah, and food shopping.

And Olivia is a lot more mobile now. She isn't walking yet, but she is crawling everywhere. Even though it can be tiring to keep up with her, it is totally worth it. She has six teeth now and can take a bite from a cracker and chew it up. And of course, she is the most beautiful child.

I know this is what people do. They get married, have kids, get a house, work on the house all of the time and take care of the kids. But it is tiring, isn't it?

At least I know I am with the ones I want to be with - I would never trade Melissa or Olivia for anyone. But yes, it would be nice to relax and have some fun every once in awhile. Is that such a bad thing to want? :)


  • At 1:10 PM, Blogger Lola said…

    Okay, so start thinking of fun things we can do with Olivia, but I'm sure the weekends are sacred time to catch your breath and each other. Wow, as I told Melissa, you guys make it all look so easy. How did our parents do it? And then do it over again?!

  • At 2:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey, I was thinking of having kids. Let me know, is it worthwhile?

  • At 3:15 PM, Blogger Melissa said…

    Anonymous, ha. The kids are worthwhile, yes. But you should get one of those new maintenance-free houses, with the self-mowing lawn and robot maid. Shit, I'm hallucinating again.


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