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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I am the patron saint of lost causes...

It's been a busy week. Let's go in order, shall we?

Saturday: as mentioned in the previous entry, we went to Kowloon, the mecca of Chinese food. My first time there, and it was sure overwhelming. We had a good sized party, and this whole place was a good sized party. The lobby was packed, and there were middle aged women pushing us aside to get to the scratch ticket machine. I've never seen so much demand for those scratch tickets. The walls were covered in autographed pictures from sports stars, wrestlers, comedians. There was a lounge singer singing Roxette and Gnarls Barkley. The food was great, but it seemed like everything happened so fast. And we all got full quickly. It was an interesting experience, that's for sure!

I do recomment the Saugus wings. They were DELICIOUS.

Sunday: My friend Jack drove up for the day/night to check out this band Anberlin, who were playing at Axis that night. Jack got me into them, and they just released a new CD, "Cities," that I love. We got there early to meet the band and have them sign our CDs. There were three opening bands, and one of them sucked, but the other two were actually really good. And Anberlin put on a really good show. The lead singer, Stephen, seems like such a nice guy - he looked so happy on stage and was thanking us for singing along and supporting the band. I felt really old though, because I seemed like the oldest person there - I was probably double most of these kids' age!

After the show, we did meet the band again, and I got my picture taken with Stephen:

When we got back home, Jack and I devoured some Cabot cheddar cheese.

Monday: Nothing special. But tired after going to bed at 12:30 the night before.

Tuesday: Dentist - got my first filling, ever. Wasn't so bad.

Today: Busy at work.

Also, Melissa and I are starting to change up Olivia's schedule. Last night was the first night we let her cry herself to sleep. Usually it breaks our heart and we go and pick her up. She loves when we hold her to sleep, but the second we put her down, she cries. She is spoiled, and we know it and sometimes can't help it. She is at the age where she knows what works on us. So now we have to be the parents who will "do this for your own good" and let her cry it out. It worked last night - she cried for about a half hour and then wore out and fell asleep for the night. I didn't have to get up for her once.

And speaking of Olivia, here are a few recent pics of her - she is such a cutie.


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