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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My birthday present...

Today is my 32nd birthday. Very uneventful - I guess the older you get, the less you want to make a big deal about your birthday. However, we will go out on Saturday to Kowloon, the mecca of Chinese food in the area.

Anyone who wished me a happy birthday today, I would just mention that Olivia turned 7 months old today. When I got home, she was so funny - laughing, babbling - even making sounds that sounded like "yahyahyah" and "dadada." And the biggest smile. But the lovely present she gave to me - I picked her up over my head, and she looked me right in the eye...

And puked, all over my face.

Warm, formula-ish gush, all over my nose and mouth.

Melissa instinctively laughed, and I was actually laughing too. What else could you do in this situation?

Oh Livvies. This beats the huge poop on Monday that took three wipes to clean.


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