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Friday, February 16, 2007

Sometimes, things just suck.

I had one hell of a week. It all started last Saturday:

- I just turned off all of the lights, but forgot to shut off the baby monitor in the living room. I turned around, took a step forward, and smashed my pinky toe right into this red British telephone cabinet that we keep our DVDs in. I bruised it and cracked the nail, and it still hurts today. It has not been fun limping all week, especially when running for the subway train.

- Wednesday, I couldn't go to work because of the snow and ice. It was nice being home with Melissa and Olivia, but I did go out and do some shoveling, which sucked. I got through as much as I could, but it was all unneccesary - our neighbor was kind enough to plow our driveway.

- Thursday morning I had a dentist appointment: round two of a deep cleaning. Two weeks ago, I had the right side of my mouth cleaned, and after the numbing wore off, I felt great. Not this time. It really hurt. In fact, my mouth still feels a little weird right now.

- After I left the dentist, I drove to the commuter rail station to go to work. The road before the highway was jammed. The highway was jammed. But since I was only going one exit, I decided to go in the breakdown lane. Quarter of a mile. But what happens - I get pulled over and get my first ticket ever. All for going two seconds to get off of the next exit.

At least the weekend is now here, and I had a fun time tonight hanging out with work people celebrating this one girl who is leaving the company. And I have off on Monday for President's Day. And Olivia is still awesome. Here is an adorable pic of her smiling before the Super Bowl:

And her first Valentine's Day:


  • At 12:28 PM, Blogger chillier said…

    Awwww! She's wearing the Pats onesie that we got her! Awesome.


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