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Friday, December 22, 2006

2006 - Year In Review.

This past year was something else, wasn't it? I still cannot believe all the stuff that happened, and the fact that I actually survived it all. Let's recap by month, shall we?

January - After getting my incredibly shitty raise from my old company, I find out that my boss is leaving. I have to interview for this position that I basically have been doing for the past two years - 3 hours with 6 people. But also, my "ex-friend" L also interviewed for the same position. She only knew about it because her boss and the VP of finance are friends.

Also, we revealed to everyone that Melissa was pregnant!

February - So they didn't give me my old boss' job. And they gave it to L instead, very undeserving. So for the next couple of months at my old job, I am basically a ghost. I try to talk to as little people as possible. I tried to be civil to L, especially since we still had classes together, but I could not forgive her for what she did. Even though it was all for the best.

I started the interview process, which was mostly a lot of recruiters and some regular interviews. Seemed like the whole process took forever!

Other news - we found out it was a girl!

March - L started at work. We barely spoke. We did have lunch one day to talk about the situation, and she really tried to defend her position but it sounded bad. Her best line: "if you were my best friend in the world, I wouldn't have taken the job, but since I just knew you from school, I had to think long term." That just told me how we always stood as friends. I do know that if it was me, I wouldn't have gone for it - didn't matter if we were best friends or not, we were friends.

I do know that the people that I worked with the closest there all were in my corner, and they all knew that I got screwed over. Too bad the finance department didn't think that way. Assholes.

April - Started looking for a house, and put our place on the market. And more interviews. And more avoiding all of the idiots in the finance department.

Dane Cook at the Garden! That was a good time.

My second to last semester of grad school ended!

May - This is where all of the fun begins! First, the Pearl Jam shows. Two shows at the Garden, which were awesome. One show at the Letterman studio, which was an amazing experience. And the new album came out, which of course I LOVED.

And I finally got the new job! That was a big weight lifted off of my shoulders.

Only one more month of school!

And we got a new house! Still trying to sell our condo though!

June - New job started, and it's great!

Moved into the new house, and it's great!

Sold our condo, and even though it was a big pain in the ass, it was great to be done with it!

Classes ended, and that was GREAT!

June was an insane month - so much happening in just one month. And all while Melissa was big-time pregnant! But somehow we survived it all.


She made her appearance on July 21. And she was perfect (and still is). It was so nice to be done with all the other things we had going on (school ending, new house, new car, selling condo, new job) and focus all on the baby.

We also got central air, which was a big thing!

August - More fun times with Olivia. But also very tired. And my commutes to work were sucking big time because of the heat of summer somehow effecting the tracks.

And I had my graduation ceremony, which put some closure to school. L wasn't there becasue she didn't graduate yet, and that was a good thing.

September - Things are still great. Melissa, Olivia, work. And Olivia loves her "Olivia song" that we sing to her and make her dance to.

October - Melissa went back to work, and Olivia spends most of her days at her grandparents, who love her so much.

I also got sent to our NY office at work, which was fun. Nice to be around the Times Square area and see my dad and my friend from my old job, who was also in town for work.

We got a new garage door!

November - Olivia continues to be awesome. She smiles and laughs, makes all sorts of funny noises.

And I keep hearing reports from people from my old job that L has been doing a crappy job and that they are so behind in their billing there now. Gee, what a shock, right? :)

And Britney split up from K-Fed!

December - The end of the year is finally upon us. Got to see a free Guster show, Olivia is now eating cereal and bananas with a spoon. Good times!

So that's it... 2007 couldn't be as crazy as this, could it? :)


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