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Monday, December 11, 2006


This weekend my dad came to visit - not really to see me, but to see Olivia (obviously). And Olivia put on a wonderful show. What I am really proud of is that she has been eating cereal with a spoon like a champ.

Last weekend was our first attempt to feed her with a spoon. It was the wrong time - it was one of her late bottles, she was a little cranky, and she cried and would take anything. On Friday, Melissa tried again, this time with a morning bottle, and she was great. I was able to witness this on Saturday morning, and she was even better this time. And yesterday was also a fun time - she was even giggling during her feeding! I captured some of yesterday's feeding on video (I would post it, but I was having some trouble last night).

And what was also great yesterday was that Olivia went to bed at around 9:45 PM, and slept through the night without any problems. That is one amazing little girl.



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