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Monday, January 01, 2007


Welcome, 2007.

2006 ended nicely with friends and drinks. Melissa and I dropped off the baby at the grandparents, who were kind enough to watch her overnight. We went to Red's "Naughty or Nice" New Years Eve Party, and she was a wonderful hostess. We had a Yankee Swap where I won a pair of naughty dice (with roll combinations such as the popular "lick" "coochie"). One weird thing was that one of Red's friends that we met for the first time decided to leave early without even saying goodbye to anyone (and left his infamous carrot cake that he brought). The other weird thing was discovered during a walk outside with Professor K - we saw some party going on nearby with middle-aged hippie naked people (Melissa and Red actually went up to the party but was denied entry).

It was Melissa's and my one night out away from Olivia and although we missed her, it was nice to have a night out with friends and just be dumb and have fun. We ended up going to bed at 4 AM, woke up after 9, and went to pick up Olivia and had breakfast. The rest of the day has been laid back and relaxing. But after a week and a day off from work, it's back to the grind tomorrow.

We did make a nice discovery this weekend - Melissa and I found the coolest channel called Current. It's a bunch of short little shows made my regular people - basically news from and for the younger generation. And they also show those funny little political cartoons mostly making fun of President Bush. Check it out here:

And finally, here are some adorable pictures of Olivia from the end of 2006 - finally got her to smile on camera:


  • At 12:31 AM, Blogger Red said…

    The first one is my new desktop picture!


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