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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'll tumble 4 ya...

So Olivia gave us quite a scare this weekend.

On Saturday, I was out mowing the lawn, and Melissa was holding Olivia on the couch. When I was done, Livs was asleep, and I was around the house just doing stuff. She woke up soon after that, and was down on the floor, walking and playing. We don't watch her like a hawk anymore since she just walks into rooms and grabs some toys to play with. But when I heard the gate that we have at the top of the stairs swing open, then I ran out. I guess with Olivia sleeping and me doing stuff, I didn't lock the gate, and of course she noticed this and went that way. When I ran out there, the girl already went down two step (which was amazing that she got down there), and when I ran towards her to get her off the stairs, she probably thought I was playing, and she lunged forward and rolled all the way down the stairs! I ran down and picked her up immediately, and she let out the biggest cry. No damage was done, and she was probably just in shock and scared, but it really scared the hell out of me! She was lucky she was already sitting on a stair and didn't try to just walk down... that might have been a worse spill!

Everyone I've spoken to since it happened has told me that either they fell down some stairs as a baby or their kid fell down the stairs. So there is nothing to worry about!

And here's a picture of Livvies from Sunday - of course the fall didn't affect her cuteness at all. :)


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