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Friday, February 11, 2005

Bad day.

What a day.

My day had barely begun when my boss, A, called me into her office to discuss some "issue" that came up yesterday. It wasn't supposed to be a big deal, there was just some miscommunication with one of the part-timers in our department. But A had to make it a big deal, and basically put the blame on me, which was totally uncalled for.

I actually yelled back at her... the first time I've ever really done that. I just couldn't take it anymore, especially when she kept pushing and pushing until I couldn't take it anymore.

I then tried avoiding her for most of the day, and was mostly successful. L was even cool enough to meet up with me for lunch to let me vent my frustrations. And then at the end of the work day, I spoke with Other A (the head boss who's nice) and told him what happened, and he totally agreed that she overreacted, and told me not to worry about it. That was nice to hear.

Then I learned that the sex toy party for tomorrow night - no guys. I guess I should have realized that (since it's usually like that). Ah well... more time for studying, I guess.

And I bought Melissa's Valentine's Day present... an iPod shuffle. It's a tiny little stick, and holds up to one GB of music!


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