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Monday, February 07, 2005


My past few days:

  • Friday I went to this MBA function at a bar near school. AB invited me, and D from class met us there too. It was really uninteresting - it was AB, some other random girl, and about four or five older guys from the executive MBA program. I was so happy that D came, because at least I got to hang out with him and talk. Everyone else was really boring!
  • Saturday I had the second Leadership Skills class. It was interesting, but what sucks is that there was a multiple choice exam I had to take online, and I thought I'd ace it, but I got a 68/100. I was shocked! The questions were extremely confusing, and it seemed like there were multiple answers. I will make a point of that to the professor when I e-mail him my final paper and mini case writeup.
  • Sunday was the Super Bowl. Pats-Eagles. Melissa and I went to her friend from work, M (and her husband M). We had chili and chips and peanuts and watched the game. It was a sloppy game, but the Patriots pulled out the win, 24-21, to win their third SB in four years. I'm happy for them... I'm a Jets fan first and foremost, but I'd consider myself a Pats fan too. I don't hate the Pats the way I hate the Red Sox. Tomorrow is the parade, and I'll probably go check that out.


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