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Thursday, February 03, 2005

A two part episode!

Yesterday, on "Grad School," the best show currently not on television:

A two part episode! Is there anything better than that?

Part One:

Background: Last week, Flux received a random e-mail from a girl from Northeastern, AB, asking about the company he works for and if she could meet for lunch to discuss "the dynamics of the company." Joe, curious, agreed to meet, and that meeting took place during yesterday's first episode.

(Don't worry, we'll have a prequel describing the background of this story).

Flux and AB had lunch at Applebee's, and she asked a bunch of questions about the company. This girl was about six feet tall! She used to play water polo from a MA college, and is originally from San Francisco. She met the CFO of Flux' company on a plane ride, so she did a search for Flux' company, and guess who came up in the search!

So this girl seemed normal enough and not some weird stalker, so the whole thing was not as weird as Joe had originally thought it would be. The buildup to this point was what made it more weird, especially since Joe told everyone he could about the e-mail and the meeting!

(From watching this awesome show, you get the idea that Flux likes to run his mouth off about anything he can to whoever will listen.)

AB did ask if Flux knew of any analysts from his company that could help her further with more questions. Flux said he'd try and find out. What will happen? Stay tuned...

Part Two:

Another four hours of class on a Wednesday night! In Finance, the class had to watch an old video about some people in a company figuring out if it was worth it to buy some new equipment, using NPV and IRR formulas. You could feel the delight of the class, who was lucky enough to be a part of this special screening!

In tech class, the class was taught about the "exciting" world of disruptive technologies and S curves. So exciting that Flux was fidgeting and changing positions a million times, BG kept rolling his eyes, and L kept twirling her hair.

The quote of the night: after Flux finished a gulp of his Fresca soda, L leaned over and said, "Is there any vodka in that Fresca?"

That might not have been as good as her past comment to BG about "beer before bitches," but it basically summed up the whole night.

Finally, the class was spared further punishment when 9:20 came around! But since J was not in class tonight, Flux was forced to take *gasp!* public transportation home! Oh, the humanity!


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    So, what, you and Amy are dating now? Is it serious? Do we need to have an intervention?


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