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Monday, January 17, 2005

Where's the keg?

Yesterday Melissa and I went to my friend from school BG to watch the Pats-Colts game. Others from school were there - L, BG, S, D. We had a good time there, but it was definitely a major college atmosphere. And I mean undergrad. I just found out that BG is 24, and I knew that D was 24. BG and his two guy roommates lives on Comm Ave, which is basically where a lot of the college kids in Boston live. There was a major college vibe - alcohol everywhere, Playboy bartender book being passed around, girls from upstairs coming down to hang out and drink, talk of playing quarters. But BG is 24, and his roommates are probably around the same age, so I'll give them that. When I was 24, I was moving into my own place in Brooklyn with a South Park poster in my bedroom and a cardboard box for a table.

But we sat there, ate some burgers, drank a little, and watched the Pats completely destroy Manning and the Colts. As good as Manning was and the Colts offense was all season, they scored three points. THREE POINTS. A measly field goal. And the Pats won 20-3. So now they play Pittsburgh next week, and with the way Pitt played against the Jets, the Pats are looking really good now.

Today's MLK Jr. Day, and I'm at work. Does that make me a bad person? This company should have given this day as a regular holiday. Don't you think?


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