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Thursday, February 03, 2005

The lost episode.

Ok, I promised that we'd air the very special "AB" lost episode. So here goes. It's going to be hard to remember every detail, but it was so funny that I will do my best. I won't talk in the "third person" like I did before, though.

Last week: I got a random e-mail from this girl at school, AB. She writes:

Hi Flux,
My name is AB and I am a student in the MSF / MBA Co-Op program here at school. I understand that you are completing your MBA through the part-time program while working for [your company]. As I continue to research companies within the consulting industry, I am extremely interested in learning more about what you do for [your company] as well as the dynamics of the company. Would it be possible to talk more over lunch at your convenience? Thank you for your consideration.

I have no idea who this girl is, at all. So I responded, telling her I didn't know what info she wanted, but if she wanted to meet, I suppose it would be ok. And we met yesterday for lunch, and like I said, it was normal, not weird or anything.

But the real funny part: of course, I have to yap about this to everyone I know. And I guess I have to watch what I tell things to, because there are some weird individuals out there in the world. So, the day after I got the e-mail, I received a random instant message at work from someone, telling me that it's the girl who e-mailed me. I asked how she got my IM name, and she said it was listed in the directory when she looked me up at school. I didn't think that was possible, knowing I definitely did not put my IM name on there, but I went along with it.

At first, everything seemed normal. "She" asked me some normal questions about my job, work experience, and she told me some stuff about her work experience too. All of a sudden, without any warning, she asks:

"Do you like hot oils?"

I'm like huh?? Now I know it's got to be a joke. But I went along anyway.

She tells me that she likes to rub hot oils on the person she is talking to because it eases the tension talking to someone. She'll do it in public, wherever. And she explains, "my parents were hippies, and I live an alternative lifestyle."


We keep going, and the conversation goes back to normal. But she brings up the hot oils again. I tell her, "is this a joke?" And she goes "no, why would it be?" So I keep pushing for her to either meet up so I know who this weirdo is, or to find out that it is really a joke. I asked what she looks like, so I know what to look for, and she says "5'2'', blonde, some say I have a hot body." I even told her that I was married, and she says "oh, that's too bad, do you want to have relations anyway?" So I say, "how about we just meet up and TALK, so I know you're not just joking."

Finally, the IM scandal was over, after this person revealed himself to be my friend BS, my friend from school who was in my marketing group last semester. He is also known to be a disturbed individual who would do weird things to male professors to get a better grade.

The moral of this episode is: don't tell BS anything.


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