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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Back from vacation.

Well, that seemed quick. It seemed like it was just yesterday that the cab picked us up at 4:20 AM to head to the airport. And now I have to go back to work tomorrow. Oh, the humanity!!

So what did we do in Aruba? What do you think? Almost every day, it was something like this: breakfast, laying out on the beach for hours, shower, dinner. And it was great. It was hot and sunny and breezy every day. On the first day, my back got red, on the last day my legs were even redder. On Tuesday, we rented a jeep for the day and went exploring the island. We off-roaded, took all sorts of weird twists and turns, and it was so much fun. I got a much needed massage on Wednesday, and on Thursday night we saw the #1 comedy show in all of Aruba, "Adam Steinfield: MagicLive!" The show was in the casino near our resort, and I made a whole $3 on the penny slots playing poker. Then just like that, it was Friday, and we had to check out and head back to the airport where we had to wait three hours for our flight. We ended up getting home at 11 PM on Friday night. Our new neighbors (who just moved in officially last Saturday) was nice enough to collect our mail and shovel our side of the driveway while we were gone (while we were enjoying 89 degree weather, it snowed here!)

Yesterday, Chris and I went to see Motley Crue at the FleetCenter. It was actually a really fun time... midgets, girls pole dancing, big Harleys, and Tommy Lee with the "tittie cam." And Vince Neil's voice sounded really good. The crowd was very diverse... I was surprised to see a lot of normal people at the show, but there were still some guys still stuck in the 80s and lots of sluts. There was this 15 year old kid sitting next to us who loved us... talking about past concerts (when I saw my first concert in December 1989, Guns N' Roses, this kid was two months old!)

Quote of the night from Tommy Lee: "I'd whip out my dick right now, but most of you fuckers already have seen it!"

And now today is Sunday. Wah. Melissa went to her parents for the day (and to pick up our hamster), and I've been reading some boring case for tech class (and taking a break from that right now). And back to work tomorrow... I have a bad feeling that work is going to suck real bad. Do I have to go back?


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