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Friday, February 18, 2005

Busy busy busy.

On this week's episode of "Grad School," we witness Joe's busy week.

First, his friend from NY, Jack, is in town for a computer conference! Joe deals with his coming home late, doing laundry at midnight and leaving the lights on when going to bed, but he's still a good guy! And he helped increase the speed on the wireless internet connection!

In class, Joe and the gang had a Finance midterm! Everyone sucked, but for some reason, Joe was the first to finish in the class. Is that good or bad? We'll find out next week. But there is also a case write-up due next week, and poor Sue is going to be away next week so she has to hand it in by the end of the week (today!) The case is so confusing, and it's hard to even figure out what to do!!! Will the rest of the group be able to get their shit together an figure out what the hell to write? Again, stay tuned for next week!

And once again, Tech class was B-O-R-I-N-G. Joe feels ok, though, due to the fact that S is in his group... S knows everything. BG and L ran off to get a snack at the cafeteria, and they got to witness some girls being auctioned off there!

Yesterday, the Joe and Melissa household got a new guest for the weekend... Hunter the kitty (our friends Chillier and Prof. K are going to NY for the weekend, so we're catsitting). Mr. Hunter is really cute, but he can be weird sometimes... he woke Melissa and Joe up at 5:45 with his loud meowing, as well as drooling all over Melissa! Tonight, there's a new guest... Joe's dad (aka, "Big Al"). So with Melissa and Joe, along with dad, Jack and kitty, it's going to be an interesting weekend!

Tonight, while Joe goes to pick up his dad, L, Bill, D and BS are heading to this bar on Boylston for one of those MBA Connections "meetings." Basically, an excuse to go somewhere and play quarters all night. Those bitches better give Joe some funny stories. And maybe the infamous AB will be there!

On next week's episode: The weekend! Joe turns THIRTY on Monday, and tomorrow night there will be some celebrations going on. And on Monday, there will be a group meeting at the Joe household to go over the case write-up, and hopefully there will be some cool people over to have some drinks! Until then...


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