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Monday, February 14, 2005

Is there any time to eat, sleep and breathe?

First the weekend:

Friday night I bought Melissa her Valentine's Day present - an iPod shuffle. Perfect for her to take to the gym.

Saturday evening Melissa went to that sex toy party and had a fun time. I hung out in the city with Chris and had a fun time too... we saw Theo Epstein (GM of the Red Sox) walking down Boylston, went to a cigar bar, and went to this awesome restaurant called Bob the Chef's where I ate the best fried chicken I've ever had in my life.

Sunday my finance group came over to study for three hours (Melissa went to her parents for the day). And my friend Jack came by in the evening... he's staying with us for the week and he's participating in this computer conference going on in the Hynes Convention Center (LinuxWorld). Jack's a cool guy... we've known each other for about ten years now, and he can work wonders with a computer!

Next up on the agenda:

The next few weeks are going to be incredible busy. This week, Jack's here, and I have a finance midterm on Wednesday. My dad comes on Friday for the weekend. Saturday night we're gonna have a dinner for my birthday... about ten people. Sunday Jack and my dad go home. Monday is President's Day... and my 30th birthday!! Melissa has to work, which sucks, but I can get some schoolwork done. That Wednesday I have a finance case writeup to do, and I have to try and work on it in the next few days because one of the girls in my group is going to be away this weekend. And it's not an easy case!! Then the end of that week (Feb. 26th) we leave for Aruba!

I hope I don't have a nervous breakdown before we go on vacation!!


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