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Monday, August 29, 2005

Black is the new black.

Busy weekend, with some fun thrown in for good measure.

Melissa and I are continuing with our pre-fall activities of working on our house. Rearranging, buying some new stuff, etc. Yesterday I had to paint with the neighbors. It wasn't too horrible... we painted the front and back doors black, and Kristen (motivated neighbor's wife who I see on the bus all the time) painted the screen doors black as well. I'm not sure who's idea it was to paint the screen doors (it wasn't mine) but after it was done, Melissa and I thought, why were they painted? It's all way too black now, and I guess painting a plastic screen door doesn't look right. But nothing we can do about it now... maybe I'll make a comment about that next time I see them.

But we did some other things (Melissa and I)... cleaned up the kitchen, bought a new area rug and rearranged stuff to add some more counter space. We're thinking of finally getting the office back in order, so we'll need to get another CD shelf and bookcase. And Friday we bought some clothes to add to our fall wardrobe.

All of this was tiring... so tiring that we woke up late this morning. Not sure how that happened, but I still managed to make it to work on time.

The fun stuff... we went over to Chiller and Prof. K's (and the cute pets) for a little cookout and hanging out, enjoying the weather. And yesterday we went to dinner with Red at Not Your Average Joe's. Melissa and I were thinking... these are the friends we want to be close with. There's all the weirdos and the stupid friends (I will not name names, but you know who you are), but there's Red, Chillier and Prof. K, and M and M. It's so easy to hang out with them, and there's no issues or anything.

Get well wishes to: Red (parasite) and Chillier (back). I'll make sure Curt Schilling says a little prayer for you both since he has connections.


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