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Friday, August 26, 2005


So Melissa mentioned that she was in this funk, having to do with feeling lazy and wishing that the house was cleaner and all that stuff. We were going to clean some stuff on Wednesday, but she only got through some old clothes to get rid of.

So yesterday, I thought I would be extra nice. I know am always nice, and I always try to do nice things, but I thought maybe a little extra something would be cool. I picked up some cleaning products to clean the bathtub (which looked gross) and I picked up some nice flowers for Melissa. When I got home, Melissa wasn't there yet (she went to the gym) so I started cleaning the tub (and I got through most of it). When she got home, she was pleasantly surprised to see the flowers and what I was doing. I loved her excitement when she saw the flowers (right away she puts them in a vase and takes pictures of them). The rest of the night wasn't any different than any other night (dinner, tv, etc.) but at least this night there was a little surprise that Melissa enjoyed.

Also, last night Curt Schilling started for the first time in awhile (after being the closer) and lost to the worst team in baseball, the KC Royals. I can see his diary entry now:

"Dear Diary, tonight I lost to the Royals. My curveball didn't curve, my fastball didn't move. These Triple A hitters teed off of me like I was a pinata. I was talking to Shonda after the game, in tears, and I told her that it was definitely because I was the closer and the change in mentality changed my gameplan a lot. It had nothing, and I mean NOTHING, to do with how my pitches were. Well, at least I have another six starts to change into a starter again. So if I lose my next start, it'll be the same excuse, um, I mean reason. Maybe I need to start wearing a bigger cross around my neck. I love Jesus so much, he should give me a guiding light! Anyways, I have to go call WEEI now and rant about how big of a liar that Rafael Palmeiro is. I can't believe he lied IN FRONT OF ME!! God will punish him. Love, Curt"



  • At 5:11 PM, Blogger Red said…

    ha, I totally thought of you and the diary when I heard about that game!


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