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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Weekend fun.

Fun weekend so far, for the most part.

Friday after work was my company's summer party, and Melissa and I went for a little bit. It wasn't exciting... are work functions ever that fun? I figured I'd go just to make my appearance, say hi, and then bolt. Which is what we did. They had some weird fru-fru food that wasn't great, but at least they had free alcohol. After we left, I was still hungry, so Melissa and I ended up going to Friendly's.

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Boston. Melissa and I went with M and M into the city. We ate at a nice place by the water (near the aquarium) and we hung around relaxing and taking some pictures. Here's a good one of the four of us:

Then we headed to the North End where had one of its little feasts (this one was the St. Joseph's Feast). M and I enjoyed some yummy teriyaki steak from here:

And this guy sold us some delicious kettle corn:

Today, Melissa has to go to her cousin's baby shower, and I have nothing to do. But I know I need to stop thinking about having to go to work tomorrow!


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