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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hot hot hot.

It's been so hot lately. It feels as if the world is a sauna.

Last night Melissa and I went with Red and her dad to the Red Sox game (thanks, Red!) We had a fun time, but it was soooooooo hot there. My whole body felt sticky and sweaty, and I was sticking to the bottom of the small, wooden grandstand seat. And it sucks when you can't move much because of how small the seats are at Fenway. Red's dad and I wore our Yankee caps (even though the Sox were only playing Tampa Bay), and during the game, no one made any comments to us, which was surprising. Right after the game, a fellow Yankee fan came up to talk to me (he was probably drunk though), and while Red's dad and I were waiting for the girls to get the car, people were staring at us Yankee fans, and a few made some stupid comments. But no harm done.

But what sucked is seeing Curt Schilling. Have I mentioned that I hate him? In the middle of the game, he decides to head to the bullpen, just so he can get some attention and have people for cheer for him. Then he came out to close the game and got his first save with the Sox. I can see his diary entry now:

"Dear Diary, I pitched really well tonight, and I got the save! I called Shonda right after the game, and she was so happy for me. I was happy too, of course, as I shed a tear of joy. I was also holding back tears after the Fenway faithful cheered for me as I made my way to the bullpen. I will have to remember to call WEEI tomorrow and tell them how I feel about this. Of course, only after I get my paycheck from them. Anyways, I need to film a new Ford commercial so I must end this now. You'll hear more from me tomorrow, as I need to give Bronson some criticism on what he was doing wrong when he pitched last night. I know he'll appreciate listening to all of my comments. But who wouldn't? I am AWESOME. Good night! Love, Curt"

I'm sure this isn't too far from the truth. Ugh I hate him.

Today's another hot day... 88 degrees right now, should hit 90 soon. And I have a softball game tonight (a playoff game) which starts at 9:30 PM. Melissa will be lending her DHing skills for the team. I hope it'll cool off a little bit at that time.

So there have been some discussions between Judy and Melissa, and Judy and me. I won't go into detail here, but it's kinda upsetting and is stressing us out discussing it and thinking about it. Some people just don't understand.



  • At 2:22 PM, Blogger chillier said…

    Heh. I love your Schilling impression. Even as a Sox fan I can admit that he's kind of a douche. He did his part to win the Series but his post-Series remarks about Bush made me want to stab him in the dainty ankle.

  • At 4:12 PM, Blogger Red said…

    Haha. How about this one? "Dear Diary, I closed the game but allowed one ball. I loathe myself. God hates me. Shonda is going to leave and take the kids. I'm going to get traded to the Blue Jays. Bush is going to appoint a woman. WHY ME? P.S. My ankle still hurts, the prayers aren't f'ing helping."


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