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Thursday, June 23, 2005

"I'd like to introduce our opening band... the Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra."

Last night's Guster show with the Boston Pops was definitely a unique experience. It was great... from the crowd to Guster being in awe with an orchestra behind them to the extras the orchestra added to some songs.

Melissa and I were confused as to how to dress... it was Guster, but it was also the Pops. We ended up wearing casual stuff, but not too casual... both of us wore jeans, and I wore a t-shirt with a button down short sleeved shirt on over that (but I was a rebel and didn't button it!) We probably dressed somewhere in the middle... there were Guster fans dressed in t-shirts, and there older Pops fans dressed up for a night at the Symphony. It was funny to see people of all ages there... the old people probably have season tickets to the Pops, but I'm sure they weren't sure what to expect at this show, since it wasn't your typical Pops performance.

After Guster introduced the Pops as their "opening band," the orchestra played three pieces first... cool to see but not too exciting. After a 20 minute intermission, Guster came out with the orchestra backing the band up (and Keith Lockhart conducting). They didn't do a ton of songs... they were only on for an hour (They did I Spy, Backyard, Fa Fa, Come Downstairs, Two Points for Honesty, Jesus on the Radio and some new songs). Ryan from Guster was definitely enjoying the moment, saying "holy crap" and "someone take a picture of this and send it to me." The best parts of the show were in "Fa Fa"... the part where it builds up and the orchestra just took over (although the crowd kind of ruined some moments by cheering really loud, drowning out the orchestra), and "Two Points" which they said they don't play too much because it wouldn't do the song justice, but it worked out just fine this night, and "Come Downstairs" which was so amazing that they had to play it twice (the second time they only played the second half of the song, which is the best part of the song anyway, and played this to end the show). The first time they played "Come Downstairs" some lady in the front was dancing all crazy, and the second time the whole crowd clapped along. It was great.

Today is now Thursday, and I'm tired. I was actually tired before we went to the show last night... some lady wasted two hours of my life yesterday going over her three cases to invoice (if I didn't tell her I had to go, I probably would have been there until 6 PM). I'll try to avoid her today, with my boss being out today as well.


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