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Friday, June 03, 2005

It's a beautiful day.

I survived another long night of classes, although it wasn't as bad as past classes. We had no assignments due. And there were a few funny stories from the night.

In Risk Mgt class, there's this girl in there who always seems to look over to the row that BG, S and I sit in. We're not sure if she's staring at one of us, but it's a little weird. BG kinda has the hots for her, and he's said before that the next time she looks over, he was gonna wink, but that will probably never happen.

In Investments class, AB practically stripped in front of the whole class... she had this sweatshirt on, and right after the class started, she took it off to reveal a tiny tanktop. Of course, BS had some comments about that (well, he has comments on everything). The professor also almost took a tumble walking backwards right into a desk.

Oh, the little things that keep us going during those four hours of class.

But thanks to S's finace G, I got another ride home, and I might get rides home with him for the rest of the semester! Red, your mom would be SO happy! :)

5 more classes to go!

Today has been amazing outside... almost 80 degrees. I met up with L for lunch, and we didn't want to go back up to work. The weekend is also supposed to stay nice... unfortunately, I'll have to study most of the day tomorrow. But Sunday, Melissa and I are going to the Sox game (they are playing the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim... still doesn't sound right). Should be fun!

And of course, we'll watch some more episodes from season 2 of "24."


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