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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

New York, New York.

Recapping the weekend:

Saturday: Judy, Chris, Melissa and I head out towards NY at 8 AM. We got to my aunt's in Long Island at about noon (we got lucky with traffic). My dad was there, as well as other relatives. My aunt made a big barbecue for us... we all ate way too much. Then we drove to Brooklyn, dropped my dad off, parked the car there, and took the subway to the city. Ahh the subway. The fun of transfering from the D (used to be the B) to the 4 train, just like what I used to do to get to work. We ended up at the Grand Hyatt at around 11ish, and checked into our room.

During the night, I could not sleep... Chris SNORES SO LOUD. He was snoring all night. Melissa put in some ear plugs made from toilet paper, but I tried that and it didn't work for me.

Sunday: Long day. We got up a little early, showered, and then headed out... we took the subway to Chinatown, and Melissa and I got excited to go to those shops around there. We got some cool bowls, mugs, cups that look like the cups you get from the coffee vendors on the street. We walked up Broadway to Times Square. We stopped at BBQs (with lots of memories there), and Chris was taking pictures of everything... street signs, cop cars, and anything that seemed funny. Although what was annoying was that he was bickering at Judy a lot. He got annoyed that this guy they both knew was calling her (even though it was nothing). We finally got back to our hotel to rest up a bit before the Yankees- Red Sox game.

Sunday night: Took the subway to Yankee Stadium. Got there a bit early, so we got to see some batting practice. We couldn't get too close because security blocks sections off unless you have a ticket for that section. But what was weird was that when we made it to our seats in the Tier Reserved (right behind the plate), Chris had a panic attack of being so high up (and the seats kinda steep down). He actually left by himself, and went back to the hotel... a half hour before the game even started!! I know he is afraid of heights, but I don't know why he couldn't have just stayed in his seat. Besides, once the crowd settled in, it didn't even look that bad. I'm glad that Judy decided to stay, because we ended up having a good time, even though the Yanks lost 7-2. And even though we were way high up, they were pretty good seats... no obstructed views, and we got to see the whole field. Then we got back to the hotel and crashed.

During the night again, Chris snored. Loudly. This time I had to blast my iPod to help put me to sleep. But he'd still wake me up a million times.

Monday: Showered early, but Chris was being lazy and was the last one to get ready. We went to breakfast at the Comfort Diner, another one of Melissa and my favorites. It was good, but expensive. I got a chocolate egg cream (and they brought the seltzer bottle to the table), and Melissa got a vanilla shake (and they bring enough for two glasses). Then it was back to the hotel, and then back to Brooklyn to say goodbye to my dad, get some good NY pizza from Pizza Den on 18th Avenue, get the car and head back home. There was traffic on the Belt Pkwy, of course, but it could have been worse, I guess. We stopped somewhere in Connecticut where Chris got some fireworks that he can use on the 4th of July. We finally got home around 6 PM, and we were exhausted. Melissa even went to bed at around 8:30. I stayed up a bit, trying to work on some schoolwork for tomorrow (I have a presentation and a paper due). I'll have to finish up some stuff today at work.

But back to the Chris stuff... I love the kid and all, but he's got some issues. The afraid of heights thing, fine, I understand, although I still think he could have stayed. But the bickering at Judy. And the absolute lack of class... I know it's a part of who he is, and that is fine, but he saw nothing wrong with wearing a t-shirt that said "fuck you you fucking fuck" to the diner, where there would be kids around (we ultimately got him to change it). And what really sucked was the amount of weed he smoked. He would go into the bathroom of the hotel room, turn the steam on, and smoke up there. And he'd worry that the cleaning ladies would smell it. What bugs me is that someone in recovery should not be doing this at all anyway. Ah well. I do hope things work out with him and Judy, but as I told Melissa, he could be a "liability." Meaning, he doesn't make much money, he's got plenty of issues, and I hope he wouldn't get himself in trouble in the future with anything, but nothing is guaranteed. I know he loves Judy a lot, and I hope he realizes that he needs to get his act together, if not for him, then for her. They are a fun couple when everything is going well, and I want it to stay like that.

Anyways... so now I'm back at work today, and it sucks. I am tired, I have schoolwork to do, and I don't want to be doing anything right now. I'd love to just head home and sleep some more. But I need to figure out how to stay awake and be productive all day...


  • At 12:06 PM, Blogger chillier said…

    Heh. It's funny that you said you all had fun at the game even though the Yanks lost. Umm...that was the best part, right? Glad to have you back in Masshole territory. :)

  • At 12:08 PM, Blogger chillier said…

    Oh yeah, one more thing. Do you think Chris's panic attack had anything to do with the boatloads of weed he smoked before the game? That would do it to me, no doubt.


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