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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I get that tingly feeling when I check my own blog and see that someone posted a comment. Makes me feel all nice and special that I have a small audience.

Ok, maybe not "tingly," but you catch my drift.

So, I'll give shout outs to Red and Chillier for their recent comment posts.

Class last night - one word: survival. Things were so busy trying to read and prepare so much stuff, I totally forgot to read these two cases for Risk Mgt class. I didn't even print them out. But no harm done - two groups were presenting them, and we really didn't discuss them that much. In Investments class, I am trying hard to understand the professor, and I'm thinking of intelligent things to say in that class. What bugs me is that the professor has this "secretary" in the class who watches out for when people participate in class, and marks it down. And she sits almost directly in front of me, so it's quite distracting. Maybe I should raise my hand and say something stupid, like "habaraba habaraba rico suave." I don't think this girl marks the quality of what is said, just that something is said at all.

12 more classes to go for the semester.


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