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Friday, May 06, 2005


The countdown continues: 2 classes down, 13 to go.

Last night wasn't so horrible, but it was still long, and there's still a lot of work to do.

I'm liking my Risk Mgt class... the professor speaks in an easy to understand tone, and it is interesting. Although I ruined it for BG and SB because I noticed that the professor might be wearing a rug, and now it's hard NOT to look.

I'm still trying to understand what Professor Long Duck Dong is talking about in Investments class. We had an assignment due yesterday, and I got the graph right, but I think I screwed up some of the stuff I wrote about in the paper. Do I care? No. We already have another assignment due on Tuesday... a one page case writeup on Warren Buffett.

Work also sucked so bad yesterday. A screwed me up big time, and she wasn't even at work yesterday. I ran all my reports as I always do at the beginning of the month, and she calls me around 3ish to tell me that she forgot to do something and I would have to re-run them. And these reports usually take about two hours to run. Annoying.

So the weekend is finally here. I have another softball game tonight (6:30 PM), and tomorrow I'll be home most of the day, I'm sure, studying, reading and working on my assignment. Sunday is Mother's Day, so we'll go to Melissa's parents for that.

What I would really love is a 24 hour sleep-a-thon.


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