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Saturday, March 12, 2005

More snow?

Why does it snow almost every other day? I'm sick of shoveling the driveway all the time. Storm after storm after storm. Enough is enough!

But some good news... I got U2 tickets!! They are coming back to Boston (at the TD Banknorth Garden, formerly known as the FleetCenter) on October 4th (a day before our anniversary) with Judy and Chris. And decent seats too! I got lucky that I got through in the first minute, because tickets sold out quickly after that.

On the school front...

On that crazy case writeup I had (the one where I needed a miracle)... well, I got the miracle. I got an A- on it!! The funniest part is the professor wrote "well written" on it. This was one of the worst papers I've ever written, or so I thought!

But now there's only a little over a month to go. And it's not going to be fun... there's a group paper and presentation to do in technology class, as well as a tough take home final. Not looking forward to it...


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