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Friday, April 08, 2005

One more...

I can do this. Really, I can survive one more week.

This Wednesday marks the end of another semester. It's been a tough one... Finance has been tougher than I had expected, and Tech Management has been so boring. But it finally comes to an end next week. I have already completed the Tech take home final, and I still have to work on this group paper and presentation due, as well as study for the Finance final. I'm thinking of leaving early on Wednesday to do some more studying... it worked last semester, so why not do it again.

I also have class tomorrow morning... part two of the cross-cultural mgt through literature class. I've already done the assignments for tomorrow, so I'm all set.

Baseball season has started! I love it. The Yanks took two out of three from the Red Sox, but they should have swept. For some reason, Mariano Rivera still cannot solve the Sox. He blew two saves (and was rescued once by a Jeter game winning homer). I hope he can get his act together soon!

So when the semester finally ends next week, I have two whole weeks off to relax and do some fun stuff. What can I do?
  • Work out a little by using the elliptical machine
  • Do some spring cleaning around the house, as well as outside the house with the new neighbors
  • Practice for softball season, which starts at the end of the month
  • Bug the work agency to find some interviews for me
  • Do some stuff with Melissa that require us to actually go outside

Stuff already planned:

  • April 18, Patriots Day: Red Sox - Blue Jays game at 11 AM, then to check out the marathon
  • April 29: Green Day in NH

Oh, I forgot... have I mentioned before how GREAT the show "24" is??


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