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Wednesday, March 30, 2005


So work has been so slow this past week that I actually had some time to do some school work and reading. I don't mind this at all! If A wasn't around, I'd slack off even more!

Speaking of A, I heard some big news... she's pregnant again. About fourteen weeks. The weird thing is that she has not told me yet... she told some other co-workers, but not me. Why? I should have been one of the first people she'd tell, but whatever. Interesting...

Also, I contacted an agency about looking for a new job, and I'm going to meet up with them tomorrow. It's about time. I just can't do this anymore... no room to grow, I'm not really learning anything new, and all of the hard work I've done doesn't really matter much to the people around here. And I'm just sick of A's management style (which is that she doesn't really have one, or really a good one). So I'm going to take my time with this... put myself out there, and see if there's something really good that I can't pass up. The fact that A is pregnant doesn't change anything about me looking for a job, but it does make things a little better for me. Meaning, if I can't find anything right away, at least she won't be around for about three months at the end of the year, and if I find something, I'd really be putting the department in a big hole.

Can you believe that the 2005 baseball season starts this Sunday? Awesome. Yankees vs. Red Sox, Randy Johnson vs. David Wells. It's gonna be a fun time!

And after tonight, only two more weeks of classes! But it's gonna be a busy two weeks... finance final, tech take home final, and tech group paper and presentation. All due on April 13th. But guess how I will feel on April 14th?? Relieved, and maybe a little hungover (I'm sure we'll be going out again after class to celebrate!)


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