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Friday, April 15, 2005

Another semester done!

Fuckin' A.

So... last Saturday that one credit class went pretty well. I participated, finished the assignments, and then it was done.

Sunday I had to meet up with my groups to go over finance and the tech presentation. More importantly, we played a little softball after, which was great because it was over 70 degrees.

And then Wednesday: I actually did well on the finance final... the professor reviewed it, and I got most of the problems right. And the tech presentation went well too... and then it was over!

So we went back to the scene of the crime... Our House. There was a ton of people there this time (BG, J, L, SB, SM, D, BS, SC, G)... a bunch of pitchers were passed around, and of course we started playing quarters again. Always a dangerous game! But the funniest thing all night was watching Jen get wasted. I've never seen her let loose at all, and after a few drinks, she was all loud and weird and it was funny. It was karaoke night there again, and J would sing along to the songs, and when she didn't know words, she's scream out "BLAH BLAH BLAH" to the tune of the song. It was classic!

At 1 AM, J looked like she was done, so we split a cab home. She was actually more normal in the cab... maybe she sobered up a bit towards the end. But now I get to enjoy two weeks of no class. I actually worked out a little bit on the elliptical machine yesterday after work, and I plan on having a fun weekend. And our softball season starts soon... we might have a team practice next week, and games start during the last week of April. Maybe I'll work on my swing and defense a little more sometime during this weekend!


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