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Thursday, June 02, 2005


We won our softball game last night, 5-4. It was quite the controversial game. The other team was previously undefeated, and they gave us two runs because they were short one girl (that's the rule... they also have an automatic out every time that girl should have been up). No one on our team was hitting anything (including me) and the other team was really good but our defense shut them down. In the last inning, they had a runner on second, one out, this guy up, and the automatic up was next (so all we had to do was get the guy out, and hold the runner from scoring). The guy hit a liner to center that was caught, the ball was thrown back to the pitcher, and then the guy kept running. Now in these games, when the pitcher has the ball, play is dead, and in this case, the umpire did call a dead ball. The runner still kept running, so we had no choice but to throw home, and he was tagged out anyway to end the game. The other team complained, of course, that it shouldn't have been a dead ball, and that the runner slowed down a bit after the ball, and then kept going. Blah blah... we won, and we're now 5-1. I sucked at the plate though... I hit two weak popups. I don't know if it's because of school, or I'm out of shape, or if my batting stance sucks, or whatever, but I haven't been feeling too confident at the plate. I know that sounds stupid because it's only softball, but I always make a big deal about it. At least I am still solid defensively, as usual.

Class tonight. I just had some fun with my stock game we have for investments class... buying and selling shares. Not that I would do that for real... too risky. We currently have Dell, XM, GE, Coach, Cigna, Federated, Pacificare, Starbucks, Home Depot, American Eagle and Target. We are looking to dump Cigna and Pacificare. Anyone have any ideas on what other stocks I should buy that might have short term growth?


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