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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Sexy beard.

Another night of classes is done. Last night was an interesting one.

Risk class was ok... nothing special about that. No assignments due, class wasn't too stressful.

But Investment class... we had another exam. I wasn't so prepared for this one, but I had 8 pages (4 sheets, both sides) that I was able to look at. The exam consisted of five questions, each with many parts. I got through four of them rather easily... it was all right there in the notes I had. But the fifth one I had major problems with. I couldn't find the steps on how to solve the problem in my notes, so there was all sorts of trouble. What really pissed me off and what is still bugging me big time is that when I got home, I found it right there in the notes, and I just totally skipped over it when I was freaking out looking for it. I hope that since it was a smaller problem, it won't be weighed as heavily as the other ones. But the good thing is that it is over.

Now only 4 more classes to go!

When I finished the exam and went outside the classroom, there was pizza and sode waiting there for us. The professor (the one who looks like Long Duck Dong) actually got it for us as a little present. That was reallty nice of him! So while I was having a slice and waiting for BG and S to finish, the professor comes outside and we start chatting. He was asking me about the semester, my classes, etc. and I mentioned to him my other class. He tells me that he knows that professor, and that he calls him "sexy beard" because one time a student told that professor that he has a sexy beard. I couldn't believe the professor was telling me this! But he does seem like a nice guy (even though the class is insane), so that's cool. :)

Earlier in the day, I took a walk with L during lunch... we went to Sweet N' Nasty because she needed to get some treats for the gay pride parade this weekend (she has tons of gay friends). She bought a bunch of chocolate penis and boob pops. Lots of fun stuff in that store.

When I got home last night, Melissa and I watched Queer Eye that features some Red Sox players (Damon, Millar, Varitek, Wakefield and Mirabelli). It was funny and kinda over the top... that Carson guy is SO gay (pink hat, pink jersey, pink shoes). Millar was being funny getting a facial, and Melissa loved to see Mirabelli gets tons of camera time, since he's her sentimental favorite.

Today... another beautiful day outside. Yesterday was almost 90, today it's over 80. I love this weather.


  • At 11:48 AM, Blogger Red said…

    Where's Sweet and Nasty? (besides right HERE, leaving you a comment). I have to get bachelorette party favors and the stuff your friend got sounds about right...

  • At 12:26 PM, Blogger Joe said…

    It's right on Mass Ave., off of Newbury Street, going towards Comm Ave. If you want me to pick anything up for you, let me know... maybe I can drag my friend Lauren back over there. :)


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