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Friday, June 17, 2005

Drunken fools.

I have to admit... my grad school buddies are crazy, but I love em.

The festivities last night included BS, S, L, D, BG, newcomer JH, as well as Melissa and Red. AB made a quick appearance, but left before the real fun happened (she was probably scared off). Before I get into that...

Class last night. Last classes of the semester, and for the summer. Risk Mgt class was ok... I BSed my way through some questions and got some more brownie points with the professor. All we have left for that class is some group case writeup due on Tuesday. I know Bill had fun in class with his rum and Coke he drank from his 20 oz. Coke bottle. And BG, S and I got through that class by passing notes to each other the whole time.

I also survived Investments class, and that was after spending most of my work day editing our group papers that I handed in, and after spending 20 minutes at the bar across the street for one quick drink. But now there is nothing left for that class, and I think I should get a pretty decent grade in that one, despite how hard the class has been to understand.

After class ended, we all headed to Our House, our usual end of the semester joint (L and D were already there and grabbed the best table in the house). It started off kinda slow... the place was dead when we got there, and we had a couple of pitchers and just chatted. AB and some others from class were hanging out in another part of the bar... not where we were. But she did come by to tell us she was heading out. Melissa and Red showed up shortly after that, and joined in the fun. The later it got, the more crowded the bar started to get. I was talking a lot with J (hockey guy) and was really cool.

We ended up driving Red back to her place (she had to get up early for work, so she called it a night) and after some drunken advice from one of my friends, we actually went back to Our House. The reaction when we came back was classic... let's just say that Melissa's and my reappearance was well appreciated. We played quarters for awhile, and got the whole table soaked in beer (just like the first time we went out). You know it's been crazy when the bar stops serving us pitchers and the bottles of Miller Lite come out. Brian was randomly dancing with some girls, and I love how he just shrugs it off like this is what always happens when he goes out and he has no control over it. BG kept rubbing beer into my hair, L kept singing and dancing to the "cool" 80s music that was playing (but we all yelled out BBD's "Poison" and LL's "Mama Said Knock You Out."

Finally we split at about 1:50 AM, and drove S and BG home. We needed to hit the Store 24 badly for some "snack cakes" - Yankee Doodles, Funny Bones, donuts and popcorn. We had a really serious case of the munchies. We didn't even get to bed until a little after 3, so Melissa waking up at 6:30 and me waking up at 7 was a real bitch.

This morning, I got into work with my Dunkin' Donuts coffee and muffin totally dead. My eyes were killing me... they were hard to keep open. L, BG, S, BS and Melissa all made appearances on instant messenger, so we exchanged war stories.

I hope I can get through the rest of this day at work...


  • At 1:21 PM, Blogger Red said…

    I read both your blogs but I'm commenting here because I know you like your comments. I feel wicked bad! A few years ago, would you have imagined I'd be a party shutdown-er? Can I make it up to you by driving you guys to a wild weekend in NYC? :)

  • At 11:19 AM, Blogger chillier said…

    I am afraid that now that I know about your drunken party ways I am going to have to attempt to get you drunk. Drunky McDelin. Woohoo! After a few cocktails I can take a picture of you and Kevin making out.

  • At 3:23 PM, Blogger Joe said…

    Bring it on, Hillier. :)


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