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Friday, June 10, 2005

3 to go!

I barely survived another night of class last night... I had a bad headache that only got worse in Investments class.

Risk Mgt class was ok again... we discussed the auto insurance policy. In Investments class two groups presented their stock recommendation (both groups did Apple, coincidentally). I also got back my exam from Tuesday... after all my worrying, I got a 95!! Go me. Then after class, Sue's fiance Geoff drove Bill and me home.

Only THREEEEEEEEEEEE more classes to go.

But as Melissa told me today, it's three too many!!

After work today, the neighbors downstairs invited Melissa and me to a BBQ they are having for some friends and co-workers. And tomorrow, we're going to my friend Brian's 30th birthday BBQ at his house in Reading. We'll pick up L and D from the city and go there together. L's gonna have additional fun tomorrow... she's going to the Gay Pride Parade in the South End tomorrow.

Then Sunday, I'll need to try and focus on school crap... with only three classes to go, there's tons to do. A stock recommendation presentation and paper for Tuesday. A stock portfolio paper due Thursday. A case writeup for Thursday. And all of that is just for the Investments class. For Risk Mgt class, we only have a group paper due on the 21st, which isn't too horrible.

But I'm almost there! And then I can officially start to enjoy the summer!!


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