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Friday, July 08, 2005

Greatest comeback in softball history!

What a game last night. Our softball team played like shit for most of the game... we couldn't hit (all popups), we couldn't defend. We were down 11-0 after 3 innings, and down 12-2 after 5. We were done.

But then we scored 6 runs in the 6th inning (I was a part of that rally with an RBI single, and then scored on a 3-run homer). Then we scored 5 more in the 7th, including a walkoff homer, and we won 13-12! It was definitely inspiring!

And after the game, I went to get Chinese food with Kristen (Matt's gf), her roommate Meredith (who coincidentally used to live on the same street as Melissa and me in Somerville) and this kid Igor, who works at my company. We ate like the champions that we are.

I'm leaving work early today (yay!) Going to NY for the weekend to visit my dad and go to the Yankees Old Timers Day game tomorrow. Always a fun time. Melissa will stay occupied, though, since Amanda will still be here this weekend and they'll do some fun stuff I'm sure. It was great seeing her... she can be wacky, but she is genuinely a great person. :)


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