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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Random thoughts.

I feel the need to update, but I have nothing to say.

Today's been a non-day at work. Boss is out, not a lot of work to do, quiet. I love it, but it makes the day drag way too long. I did get a haircut, and I look AWESOME.

Um, hmm... what to talk about? How about some random thoughts...
My #1 album for this summer has been Alkaline Trio's "Crimson." I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this album. It's perfect. Every track kicks ass. It's melodic, easy to sing along to, and makes me feel great. Buy it.

I love grilling. Food tastes much better on the grill. Burgers especially. Tonight we'll grill up some chicken. Yum.

Dane Cook is funny.

I can't believe what happened on "Six Feet Under" this past week. I won't give it away if people haven't seen it yet but are going to soon.

I miss "24."

I wish Pearl Jam was touring this summer. Nothing better than singing along with my favorite group on a perfect evening.

I wish I didn't have to go back to school in September. But I really wish I was done with the whole program already. Soon, soon.

I wish my boss was out on maternity leave already. Actually, I wish she would just announce that she wasn't coming back.

I wish the Yankees would stop playing like bitches and start winning more consistently. Stop getting injured, you dumb pitchers!

I still hate Curt Schilling. A lot.

I can't believe it's August already. Can the summer be almost over already?

Have I mentioned that I love Alkaline Trio? New bands I also like are Snow Patrol, Head Automatica, Kaiser Chiefs (all good recommendations from Jack).

I love my iPod.

The next concert I'm going to is U2 at the TD Banknorth Garden in October. How can there be no good summer concerts?
That's all for now, kids.


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