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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Commute from hell.

Ok, so that letter I sent to the commuter rail guy? That was because the morning train was delayed 40 minutes due to "mechanical problems." But that was nothing compared to my commute home.

I left at 5 PM yesterday, so I can get home at a normal time so Melissa can eat dinner and sleep for a good amount of time. I get to the Green Line station at 5:10, waiting there for like 15 minutes. There were four trains sitting around, doing nothing, and finally when two of them started moving, there was another delay because they had to connect two of the trains together. Gimme a break.

But I still had a chance to catch the 5:30 train home. But the subway train I was on decided to go express... jumped right past my stop, and past another one. So I had to get off and take a subway train back... but four trains in a row terminated right at that stop. I finally get on a train that took me to the commuter rail, I get there five minutes before the departure time of 5:52, the train after the one I missed. I had a feeling that it would get delayed, with my luck, and of course that is what happened. The excuse: "heat restrictions." Somehow the train finally arrived, and I finally got home.

On a normal day, my commute would look like this:

Leave work at 5PM, catch the 5:30PM train, get off at 5:54M, drive home, get home at 6:10PM.


Leave work at 5PM, wait forever for the Green Line, subway unexpecantly express on me, subway back, get on the 5:52 train that was delayed, get off at 6:35, get home at 6:55PM.

At least this morning went very smooth. No delays, no annoyances. And I got my bagel and still got here at 8AM.

But despite all the annoyances, this is what keeps my spirits up:


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