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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The most perfect little girl.

Olivia is 5 days old, and she is the best baby.

Let's try to recap-

Melissa and I were supposed to go to the hospital last Wednesday to start the induction process. When we called, we learned that there was no room for us at the hospital, so we got bumped to Thursday. You can imagine how crappy Melissa felt after that.

We called the hospital on Thursday morning, and we were able to come in. They started Melissa off on pitocin, and we were at the hospital until abour 4 PM. The pitocin worked a little, but not enough - the doctor told us that they were going to send us home, and we would try again the next morning.

Friday morning we were back in the hospital. The doctor started by breaking Melissa's water, and back on pitocin. This seemed to work much better. Contractions came in nicely, Melissa got an epidural, and her cervix was widening. Melissa's labor went fine, especially with the epidural. I sat next to her the whole time, relaxing, playing tunes on the iPod, and playing baseball on my PSP.

Then in the evening, things picked up. She went from 5 centimeters dilated to 8 centimeters, and at around 8:30 PM, she was fully dilated and ready to start the pushing.

I got to help out. One nurse held up one of Melissa's legs and i got to hold up the other. Melissa pushed for almost 2 hours, and really struggled at times. Understandable... she was exhausted and we didn't know how long thing was going to take!

Towards the end, the doctor went to check, and I did see a little of the top of the baby's head. That's when I told Melissa that I can see her, so keep going! That motivated her, and before you know it, the baby was crowning.

The doctor was taking his time at this point... told Melissa to stop pushing while he looked for the right sized gloves (someone got him small ones) and set up the area for the baby to come out. Melissa said at this point, "what are we waiting for?" And the doctor was "me!" So Melissa was like, "well, come on already!"

The next push, and the baby's whole head came out. I couldn't believe it! Another push and the rest of her came out. I couldn't help myself... I started crying! But I was ok enough to cut the cord and watch them put the little girl on Melissa.

That whole process... I will never forget.

Melissa did need to get some stiches, so they took her to the operating room. I got to go to the nursery where they cleaned off little Olivia and gave her a little bath. She was so unbelievable cute... when they cleaned her all off, I saw how perfect she was. No conehead, cute cheeks, perfect little body. And nice dark hair!

We spent all day Saturday and Sunday at the hospital, and went home Monday morning. We had a bunch of guests, and we got to take care of Olivia. For the most part, she seemed very calm. She was fussy at times, but nothing too crazy.

We finally got home on Monday, and Melissa's parents were there to help us get settled. Olivia looked adorable when she finally got to wear her own clothes instead of hospital ones. She was awesome in her car seat in the car. She was great laying down in the bassinet. She fed well, she pooped enough. Did all the things little babies are supposed to do.

The first night with her was rough. Melissa and I were so exhausted that it was tough staying up. I think Olivia knew that - so she got more fussy.

On Tuesday, Olivia had her first pediatrician appointment. And she was so good for the doctor! She was great all day, and even great at night. Melissa's mom (Grammy) spent the night with us to help out. I stayed up with them until 2:30AM, but she didn't get fussy at all even after that. She ate on schedule, and slept the rest of the time.

And today, she's been so chill. She's been napping in her bouncy chair and taking her feedings very well.

Tomorrow, my dad is coming to visit for the weekend. And of course, he is bringing little Yankee outfits for her. :) Melissa's family is not going to like that!

I still can't believe that there is a little baby right next to me sleeping in her bouncy chair as I type this. I've gotten used to changing her diaper and making the formula bottles. I know I will be a great dad. I will do what I need to do for Olivia, and I will do anything that Melissa would need me to do for her. I'll do more chores, cook dinner, clean around the house, go food shopping, whatever I need to do to make her a life a little easier.

It is going to be so hard going back to work on Monday. I am going to miss my little daughter!

Here are a couple of pics of little Olivia:

Only minutes after she was born, after her first bath.

In her boppy.

She is already a little diva.

Olivia with her daddy.


  • At 8:58 PM, Blogger Effie said…

    Congrats Joe & Melissa!!

    And how freakin' funny is that about Melissa telling the Dr. to hurry up. I can totally hear her saying that. :)


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