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Monday, June 26, 2006


New job? Check.
New house? Check.
Finished school? Check.
Close on the condo? Will be done this week.
Baby? Anytime in the next 3 weeks.
Car? Whenever Melissa's aunt decides to buy her new car.

I can't believe it's already the last week of June. I knew before the month started that this was going to be one of the most insane months of my life. And it has been crazy. Let's look at that list again:

New job: It's been great so far. Besides having to get up earlier and deal with the commuter rail (which isn't so bad) and the T (which is always bad), it's been a good experience so far. People are nice here, it's more laid back, and people are already noticing the good job I am doing. I actually don't dread coming in here in the morning!

New house: I love the house. I'm feeling really comfortable there right now, although I know there is still work to do. We are almost all unpacked (just a few random things still hanging around), and we still need to address the A/C situation. I will also have to mow the backyard soon, and figure out how to get water from accumulating in one specific spot out back, which is causing a tiny amount of water to leak into the family room. I'm sure there will always be things to take care of. Isn't that what owning a house is all about?

Finished school: I still can't believe it. Three years, all those exams, papers and group projects... no more. Looking back at this past semester, it really wasn't that bad. And we had fun after the last class... back to Our House with the usual gang, and I finally went up and did "Ice Ice Baby" on karaoke, after all this time of the guys trying to get me to do it. I did hear that after I left (I had to leave early to catch the last commuter train home) that one of the girls did "Like a Prayer" on karaoke, and was so drunk that she was screaming and cursing into the mic. Sucks that I had to miss that.

Close on the condo: Wednesday. Finally. It's been a crappy experience selling this place... the guy we sold to was a real a-hole, haggling for every dime he could get, but in the end, we will be happy to sell and get our money back.

Baby: Melissa is due in only about three weeks. It's still hard to comprehend... I love looking at her belly knowing that our little girl is in there. I joined her at her last ultrasound appointment, and they said she was approximately 7lbs, 11 oz... big girl! But we saw some of her face, with her chubby cheeks and hands in front of her face... she is going to be the cutest little girl EVER.

Car: I desperately need to get a car so that Melissa doesn't have to drive me to and from the train station every day. Especially if I had to leave early one day to make it to the hospital. Melissa's aunt is going to be buying a new car and will be selling us her old one, which is still is great condition, but she is only doing it on her time. While we are grateful for this, we wish she would feel our pain a little and speed up the process. Hopefully soon...

So there you have it. My life these days has been all about checklists... changing addresses, things to buy at Home Depot, stuff for the real estate lawyers, etc. But I've managed to keep my sanity through it all. And Melissa and I have not fought once through this whole thing. And why? Because our relationship kicks ass and we both kick ass.


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