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Friday, July 07, 2006

Might as well do something while you're doing nothing.

Thanks, Uncle Rico. Words to live by.

I actually have some downtime at work now... I am not slacking - I did ask if there was any work to do. But now I am just waiting on people to get back to me on a few things.

So I survived June. I didn't think it was going to be possible, but I survived with my sanity. Melissa and I are settling into our new house well, and our condo is now just a memory. We still can't set up the baby's room because the damn manufacturer of the baby furniture we bought has to order some foreign parts and it won't be ready until the end of this month. But we did finally register the second car, and I got to drive it to the train this morning.

And school ended well... my grades were great considering the circumstances. I received my graduation information, and I'll be going to that on August 31.

And after all of this, it seems as if things with Melissa are as great as ever. Now we usually bond over everything, but we really pulled together with all this stuff going on and we managed to tackle one thing at a time (or ten things at a time!) And with everything going on in my life, I know things are crazier for Melissa since she is carrying a little baby throughout all of this!

And after hearing about some people having problems with their relationships lately, I feel very lucky. Lucky that Melissa and I still feel the same way about each other as always, lucky that we are both each other's best friend, lucky that we can quote the same movies together (even if I quote some to death!), lucky that we are always on the same page about everything. And if this is any indication, then our baby is gonna be awesome - happy, healthy, chill, and fun.

And we could finally meet her sometime next week... definitely before the end of the following week!


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