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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Letter to the commuter rail.

"Dear Mr. Commuter Rail Train Man:

I could not stay quiet any longer about my annoyance regarding the commuter rail service on the [my line]. I ride from the [my station], and I try to get on the 7:11 AM train (leaving at 6:30 AM from [my line]). But quite often (and both yesterday and today) that train has experienced mechanical problems and has been delayed from anywhere between 20 minutes and 40 minutes (this morning it was 40 minutes late). I can understand if this is a one thing thing that gets fixed, but I cannot believe that this happens on a regular basis. It is getting difficult trying to explain to my boss why I am often a half hour late to work. Can you please explain why these trains continue to malfunction? There is no snow, no rain, so I do not understand why. And can you please explain what is being done to make sure this doesn't happen? I almost think that it might be better sitting in traffic on 128 than waiting for a delayed train on the platform for 40 minutes.



I am sure I will not get a reply back.


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