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Monday, September 25, 2006

Awesome baby.

I know I keep saying what an awesome baby we have, but we have such an awesome baby. She is so chill - sure she cries sometimes, but she is generally good natured, in a good mood, and just loves to look around and look cute! This past weekend was no exception. We took her out Saturday evening to dinner with friends, and she was awesome hanging out in her car seat. And I had friends come over yesterday, and she was definitely showing off - well behaved, letting people pick her up and cuddle her. Her neck muscles are stronger, she sleeps through the night, and she loves taking a bath (and we love giving them to her!) Here are some new cute pics of Olivia (with comments helped out by Red):

"I am Olivia. Now feed me."

"When I wake up, there better be a bottle ready and my diaper about to be changed. But keep the hoodie on. I look FANTASTICAL."

"Nobody puts Olivia in a corner. Except for a cute picture."

"Nah, I'm good. What's up with you?"

"Don't shoot! Don't shoot!"

"Daddy, you are so going to spoil me rotten."


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