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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Celeb rant.

I know lately I've been mostly blogging about baby Olivia. It's hard not too... she is such a cutie. But today, while bored at work, I will discuss a topic on my mind this morning - celebrities I hate.

The place where I get my breakfast in the morning always has some trash mags by the counter. So while waiting for my bagel to get toasted this morning, i flipped through one. Now I've seen these many times before - US Weekly, People, etc. - and I just can't stand most of the people in them. I used to have a list of my top celebs that I hated, and I will have to rethink that right now. Here is a new list, not in any order, but they all suck:

* Paris Hilton. Is there anyone who has less talent and is also so unattractive? Why does anyone even give her the time of day? Because they know she will always make a fool out of herself?

* Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Poor Katie. I didn't really like her much before, but not enough to put her on a list. She got mixed up in the Scientology crowd. Suri is in for a lifetime of weirdness with those parents

* Britney and Kevin. Not that I care for Justin Timberlake, but Britney at least had more credibility when she was with him. K-Fed? Please.

* Lindsay Lohan. How many times do we have to hear about her partying, her dehydration, her fueds with other stupid celeb girls?

* James Blunt. Because he sucks.

* Jennifer Lopez. Even though she isn't in the news much anymore, she still sucks.

There are others, but that is the short list for now.

And as I was doing a little research on, I remember what else I hated - the "stars, they're just like us" section. As if to remind us that, yes, celebrities are really people! They drink coffee! They pump their own gas! They jog! They actually do their own grocery shopping!

If they really wanna me "just like us," why don't they get a real job, and sit in a cube for eight hours a day for $40,000 a year? But then how would Paris be able to afford her exotic animals she wants as pets, her nasty clothes, all those drinks, and tons of In-N-Out burgers after getting pulled over?

I suppose, though, that having bad celebrities around is a good thing. Because then what would we have to rant about?


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