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Monday, August 21, 2006

Happy one month!

Today Olivia turns one month old! I can't believe it was exactly a month ago when Melissa and I were in the hospital, and Olivia finally made her appearance. Time really does fly! And to cap off her one month, she slept through the whole night for the first time!

Ok, on to other things:

Yankees are kicking serious ass against the Red Sox. They are playinga key five game series, and the Yanks have already won the first four games in this series. They scored over ten runs in each of the first three games, basically shelling the Sox' bullpen. And last night it looked like Schilling had the Yanks under control, but they kept fighting back and even scored a run in the 9th against uber-closer Papelbon to tie up the game. And Giambi hit his second homer of the game in the 10th, followed by a blast by Posada, and they won 8-5. Yanks now have a 5 1/2 game lead. Go Yanks.

Oh, and thanks to Red for her lovely "Yanks ssssuck" text that she sent me the other night.

And last night, while the Yanks-Sox were in a rain delay, I watched some of the Teen Choice Awards. I watched it for three reasons: 1) Dane Cook co-hosted; 2) I love to see how stupid these teen celebs are; and 3) I HAD to see K-Fed's TV performance debut. Now Dane was his usual Dane self, but he had to kiss ass to all those celebs - Jessica Simpson especially (who he will be in a new movie with soon). And I hated how everyone was screaming over the cheesiest stars - Jesse McCartney, Fall Out Boy, and people in shows I didn't even know existed or were still on TV. And then to close out the show was Father of the Year Kevin Federline. Britney even introduced him, and it was just so bad. I'm sure he lipsynced. He had to have all these dancers around him to try to keep the attention away from him. How could anyone think of him as a serious musician, er I mean, rapper? The thing is, a lot of people there were really looking forward to seeing him perform! And they weren't even joking. Blech.


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