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Sunday, August 13, 2006


I love Steve Carell. There is something about him... maybe it's his quirky characters, or maybe he is just funny in a plain, normal kind of way. And his characters are always very likeable. Like in "The 40 Year Old Virgin." And you can't help but root for Michael Scott in "The Office." And this past weekend, Melissa and I saw "Little Miss Sunshine," and Carell plays a suicidal brother of this weird family trying to make it to their daughter's beauty pagent. It wasn't even that much of a comedic role for him, but I still loved him in it.

And I am really looking forward to seeing "Dan In Real Life," starring Carell and Dane Cook. Overload! Overload!

Right now Olivia is in her swing, sleeping. if she falls asleep in that thing, odds are that she will last more than the two hours she waits between each feeding. Right now she is going on three hours.

She continues to be incredibly cute... she has been trying hard to lift her head and control it. She has been pretty fussy for part of the day, but after a couple of friends came over, she settled in nicely. Here are some more pictures of Olivia, from this past weekend:

Crying because we didn't get her bottle quick enough.

Wanting more formula!

In the mood for some cherries?

Thank you daddy for changing and feeding me!

Where is everyone? Mommy?? Daddy??


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