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Thursday, October 11, 2007

A week off with the Livvies.

Ok, no talking about the Yanks. No talking about Joe Torre's future, Mariano Rivera or A-Rod's futures. Ok?

I have been home all week, just Olivia and me. She has been great - a little crazy at times, pulling out the carbon monoxide detector from the outlet every so often, pointing for her binky all the time (right now it is hiding in my pocket, so she has no idea). But she has been extremely cute - she picks up her monkey when I call for it, and gives it a big hug. She picks up a book and brings it over to me, and I read to her. And then she has these hour long naps laying on me, curled up. I've taken her out of the house for a little bit every day - to the grocery store, to Melissa's parents for a bit while I went to the doc for some blood work, and brought her to work yesterday where everyone got to see in person how cute she really is. Today we'll go to the mall, and tomorrow to Melissa's work. Good times. Better than being at work, that's for sure!

And as usual, here are some recent pics - from the weekend and from this week so far...


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